Plotting 3D superformula in the browser. Supershape.js


Supershape.js is a wonderful implementation of WebGl (Web Graphic Library). It’s a Javascript lib for rendering the 3D superformula inside your browser without the use of special addons.

Plotting 3D superformula in the browser. Supershape.js

Some information about superformula:

The superformula is a generalization of the superellipse and was first proposed by Johan Gielis.
Gielis suggested that the formula can be used to describe many complex shapes and curves that are found in nature. Read more

Besides the parameter of the formula you can choose between different materials and set the light.

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Download Supershape.js

Please note: the preview image above was colorized in PhotoShop. If you want get this image, ask about source psd in comments.


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