Improved Notifications for Twitter Bootstrap


Make Bootstrap alert system much better with Improved Notifications. Unfortunately, native Twitter Bootstrap alerts are not user-friendly as we expected. To make a notification with bootstrap you have to code some ugly psuedo-html/js solution in a hacky manner or create your own notification system. So this Bootstrap extension do all job for you and brings to your web interface easy to use message boxes and alert notifications, which can be implemented within several minutes.

Improved Notifications for Twitter Bootstrap 01


 <div class='notifications top-left'></div> 

Position Options

Notifications supports four different position classes, only if utilizing the css file provided.


    message: { text: 'Aw yeah, It works!' }
  }).show(); // for the ones that aren't closable and don't fade out there is a .close() function. 

Notifications: Custom Styles

Notifications supports custom styles, and in fact have a few that come with the download.

Improved Notifications for Twitter Bootstrap 02

bangTidy: css/styles/alert-bangtidy.css
blackgloss: css/styles/alert-blackgloss.css mostly supported only by webkit!

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Download Notifications for Twitter Bootstrap


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