MVC-ORM framework for PHP. Phreeze


Phreeze is MVC+ORM framework for PHP that allows you to interact easily with your database using an object-oriented API and organize your application. The included code generator will create an application in one click from your MySQL schema.

MVC+ORM framework for PHP. Phreeze


  • Framework classes are lazy loaded on demand
  • ORM supports 2-level cache with pre-built support for memcached
  • View is engine agnostic, pre-built support includes plain PHP, savant and Smarty views
  • ORM is database agnostic, pre-build support includes MySQL and SQLite
  • Backbone. Backbone.js is a Javascript framework that is utilized to provide client-side templates, model binding and persistance using AJAX calls to the back-end RESTful services.
  • Bootstrap. Bootstrap by Twitter provides a clean, cross-browser layout and user interface components. Bootstrap is a complete front-end toolkit with ready-to-use functional components.
  • Libraries. The following open-source libraries are used in this application: FontAwesome, jQuery, LABjs, Underscore, Savant, QUnit. All libraries and plugins have a permissive license for personal and commercial use.

The liberal LGPL license ensures that you may use this code for any personal or commercial purposes

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