Minimalist Pixel Perfect Icons for Designers and Developers


Icons are a primary source of assisting the visitors in the navigation of a website or any user interface design. As graphics, they enhance the user experience, and therefore, these need to be fairly minimal as well as expressive. For all designers out there, we know how handy can these be in any UI design.

Minimal Icon Set

This set comes complete with 10 icons that have been handcrafted for you to use on any commercial or personal project.
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Author: Michael Reimer
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Mono Icons: Huge Set Of Minimal Icons

There are 108 minimal icons included in this set. The icons are avaliable in 32×32 px .png (transparent background) format. There is gray icons, but feel free to customize the color. In Photoshop, use layer styles and apply Color Overlay to customize. In Fireworks, simply apply Filters → Adjust Color → Color Fill and choose your color!
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This Free Icon Pack is for use in your personal and commercial projects, and can be used without attribution.
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Wireframe Toolbar Icons for GUI designers

These icons can be used for wireframes and software mockups creation, websites and software applications toolbars and menus including Android, Windows Mobile, Palm, iPhone and iPad apps. You'll find a set of 8 cursors and 296 icons in black and white color versions. The icons include pagination arrows, ratings and voting controls, social interaction symbols file system and text editor actions.
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The entire set totals 304 original icons in 32-bit PNG format optimized for 16x16 pixel size and available in 16x16, 32x32 and 48x48 pixel sizes
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User Interface Design Framework

An absolutely lovely, clean set of icons, and my personal favorite; the set contains 260 minimal User Interface icon set in vector format. Plus a GUI Library with hundreds of vector elements for interface design. Perfect for creating wireframes and useable application interface design.
Minimalist Pixel Perfect Icons for Designers and Developers 04

  • Design faster wireframes and create better mockup deliverables in Illustrator.
  • Design usable application interface with hundreds of common GUI elements : just drop them from Illustrator Panels or pick them in the library files.
  • Customize easily the vectors GUI elements to your own needs : you can easily resize, color or tweak their appearance.
  • Benefit from a consistent UI elements library made by a web designer expert in application interface design.

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gCons: Free All-Purpose Icons for Designers and Developers

The open-source world is overwhelmed with design resources. For UI designers and website developers, there are a huge number of nice icon collections but most of these collections are designed for specific purpose, theme or industry. Most of the time, designers have to mix and match desired icons and customize them according to the requirements resulting in a lot of effort, un-balanced designs, and sometimes mere frustration.
Minimalist Pixel Perfect Icons for Designers and Developers 05
gcons come in 12 different colors and are available in PSD, PNG, JPG and GIF formats. Available size in this release is, 32*32px.
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  1. Thank you for sharing our minimal icon set with your audience. If you could change the download link to our post about the icons, instead of the direct zip file, that would be greatly appreciated.


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