Individual corps of the border guard - special purpose formation in the Armed Forces of the Russian Empire, which was intended to protect the state border. The authorities paid special attention to strengthening the borders far from the center of Russia and creating new formations of border guards there. This set of old photos represents the life and everyday difficulties of Border Guards Corps


The personnel of the Rajayok post in 1908

Frontier post

One of the border posts. Russia, 1908 year.

Soldiers and officers of the Life Guards

Soldiers and officers of the Chasseur Regiment Life Guards during the training in 1908

Transitional point

A group of people at a crossing point on the border.

Platoon of the Life Guards

A platoon of the Grenadier Regiment Life Guards near the headquarters during the exercises in 1908.

Training firing

A detachment of frontier guards during training firing in 1908.

After the practice end

A group of Guards officers who practice in the brigade of the border guards in 1908.


Frontier guards, skiing in 1908.

Group of shooters

Group of Guards Riflemen before the exercises in 1908.

Regimental exercises

A group of Life Guards Regiment soldiers and officers of Semenov skiing during the exercises in 1908.

Inspection at the post

One of the border posts in 1908.

Soldiers in training

A soldiers detachment of the Finnish Regiment Life Guards at the training brigade in 1908.

Post on the bridge

The border post on the bridge in 1908.

Exercise in the detachment

Officers and rank and file guards of the Finnish Regiment skiing during exercises in the detachment of the border guards. Russia, 1908 year.

Report to the officer

Private on horseback reports to the border guards officer. Russia, 1908 year.


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